Perfect Timing!

Hey everyone! Guess what?

That’s right! I’m sick!


Fever, sore throat, and a cold. Lovely, isn’t it? And perfect timing, too! Exactly the thing for a final editing spree. Just what I needed. :P However, the good part is I only came down with said fever/sore throat/cold a few hours ago, meaning I had pretty much the whole day to edit. I did eight chapters today (be proud, guys. Be proud.) before I threw my computer across the room. That’s a personal record! ;)

But in all seriousness, I’m hoping this thing will go away by tomorrow. I was going to edit one or two more chapters before bed, but I’m just going to retire instead. It’d be better to do it when I’m fully functioning, yes? I’m quite happy with how Frozen Hearts is going – I did find one continuity error, but that happens to the best of us! ;) Mostly I’m just doing copyediting and little character tweaks. Nothing major, really – I got all that stuff out of the way during the first edit, so that’s a relief!

Will probably be updating Paper Wings if I’m feeling better tomorrow, or if not I’ll post a song snippet instead. :) Hope you’re all doing better than I am and that life is treating you well! xx

love, Topaz