PSA: Productivity & Writing

Hi everybody. This post is going to be a bit of a rant, because I'm currently extremely pissed off at the world. You have been warned.

So where exactly do people get off telling me that I'm not writing fast enough or being "productive"  enough with Frozen Hearts?  Who gives people the right to say to me that apparently, writing a book isn't enough, and now I have to have it edited, polished, formatted, and published within six months? Because, oh yeah, just because I'm 14 years old, I don't have any other things to do, and therefore I can dedicate every single waking moment to FH, right? And apparently, writing a book is now the easiest thing in the world and what do you know, writing one overnight is the new "cool" thing to do, right?

Well, excuse me. It is a freaking 75 thousand word novel, for God's sake.


And you know what? If they're so high-and-mighty, why don't they try and do it themselves? Instead of looking down their noses and rolling their eyes in that stupid condescending manner they have, why don't they just go see how it works instead, hmm? And instead of telling me in that prissy little voice that I'm not working hard enough, how about they go and try it for a year plus? How about they organise all the million things it takes and stay up every night and slave over every single sentence and work their butts off to make it happen and then have people tell them that all of that isn't ENOUGH, and they have to do it faster and better?

PSA: If you do not know just exactly what it takes to write a book, it is not okay to judge somebody else for how long it's taking them to do it.

Another PSA: Even if you have written 20 books and are on the New York times bestseller list and own a 13-storey mansion in LA and have freaking paparazzi stalking you everywhere, IT IS STILL NOT FREAKING OKAY.

love, Topaz