Publication News: Silvae Magazine

I'm so ridiculously delighted to announce that I've been published in the inaugural issue of a magazine that - as described so aptly on their website - is "for the homesick, the lost, the blooming ... exploring self, others, dreams, and nostalgia". What a lovely home for restless wanderers, no? I like to think of Silvae as sort of the unofficial sister magazine to my own baby journal, Half Mystic (which is three months old in just a few weeks, excuse me while I miserably fail to stifle my excitement) - both were founded around the same time, and so we are all stumbling and fumbling and attempting to figure out the terrifying and wonderful world of brand-new journals together.

And so, I'm over the moon to tell you that my poem Of Broken Glass & Fallen Lovers has been published in the first issue of Silvae,"Asymmetry". It's a story of a shattered night and its soft, endless sunrise; you can find it on page 42.

And if you need more incentive to read this issue, two other fantastic writers are also featured - a dear friend of mine, Katie Gilgour, on page 43; and Half Mystic's blog correspondent, Priya Bryant, on page 10. (Obviously, the editors have wonderful taste. ;)) Both of their pieces are incredible, and truly, reading them was a timely reminder of the beauty of so many contrasts & asymmetries.

Once again, you can find the issue right here. Settle down with it; this journal is overflowing with magic.