Publication News: The Best Teen Writing of 2015

The Best Teen Writing of 2015 anthology, out now from Scholastic

i’ve learned that life works in mysterious ways, that ships are sinking around me and it’s not easy to stay afloat. i’ve learned that perhaps the ocean isn’t singing only to the shoreline. i’ve learned that words can be anchors or deadweights, and i’m learning to tell the difference. i’ve learned that there is no end to the battles i can lose. and i’m learning that i am worth every one of them.

I have such incredible and unbelievable news for you today: I've been published by Scholastic in the gorgeous anthology The Best Teen Writing of 2015.

I must admit I am somewhat in shock, because the work in this anthology is truly beyond the level that I had ever imagined my own poetry being at. There is such raw truth held in these words; I spent an endless night reading through it and savouring every piece long and deep, soft and sharp, all-encompassing and utterly captivating.

What's more: I am so very honoured that my piece, Ocean Song, is the last one in the book, to round out such a beautiful and diverse collection of writing. You can see it on Goodreads right here, and if you are interested in picking up your own copy - which, by the way, I would highly recommend; you want to have something this fathomless on your shelf - it is also on Amazon.

I have always been wary of such labels as "best", especially in the context of a slippery and subjective thing like writing - but in this case, it is difficult to deny the beauty held in every page of this collection. I could not imagine a better home for my poem.

Thank you so much for all of your support, lovelies. I hope you enjoy this anthology - both Ocean Song and every other piece in it. May it bring rays of sun to your darkest nights. xx