Purse Dump!

Hey guys! Got a few pages of Frozen Hearts written today, but mostly I just revised the last chapter - as y'all may remember, it's pretty much the most important scene in the book and I want it to be perfect! ;)

So, today I wanted to share with you guys a very personal, somewhat mundane, but very integrated part of my life - my purse. Girls, you know how important your purse is. If you're anything like me, you carry everything you need around with you. A purse can tell you a lot about a person. (If you're a guy, you can just substitute "purse" with "bag" in this post, and it's all good. ;))

So I did a purse dump today just for you guys and... this is what I found! :D

Songbook - Obviously. I carry this around everywhere - you never know when an amazing lyric is going to strike, and it doesn't do to be unprepared! Notebook - Same as above. I generally jot down FH ideas, new story fragments, and bits and bobs of poetry in mine. Fun fact - my notebook is actually where FH got started, as a little note in smudged pencil. One day it's going to be worth a fortune. ;) Pencil Case - In the beginning of my purse days, I used to forget this thing all the time - which, frankly, sucked. I think it's every writer/songwriter's nightmare to have an amazing idea and nothing to write it down with. *Shudder* I'm getting chills just thinking about it... Galaxy and Phone - My phone and tablet are always must-haves. They've got all my books and music loaded onto them, so I'm never short of stuff to do. (I don't use them as note-takers, though - I've found the ideas always flow better when I'm writing on actual paper, hence the notebook/songbook/pencil case.) Wallet - To fuel my ever-growing cheesecake addiction. I swear, I could be a poster child for  cheesecake. Earbuds/Headphones - Whichever I like better at the moment; it varies from time to time. I couldn't live without music. Actually, most of the time these are actually in my ears... but if they aren't, they're in my purse. ;) Guitar Picks - Don't even ask about this one. I honestly have no idea why I carry guitar picks around, but for some random reason I always seem to have them on me. Whatever Book I'm Reading at the Moment - I do read on my Galaxy and phone, but more often I like the feel of turning real pages. eBooks are great and all, but I'm more comfortable with the traditional style.

... and that's about it! What do y'all think of my purse? Enough essentials, or too much? And fellow writers/singers/songwriters out there, why don't you do a purse dump too and share with us what you found? :) I'd love to hear your thoughts!

love, Topaz