Ramblings on my Indecisiveness

Hi everyone! :) Okay, I'm SO SORRY I didn't post this yesterday. I wrote the post, but then I edited some of FH and then I completely forgot to actually post it. :P So yes, this is a day late. Sorry, everyone! xx

I've been thinking lately about what happens after Frozen Hearts and Falling Star. After they're published/released... then what happens? I admit that FH has generally been the one taking front and center in this mental discussion, mainly because that's the date that's closest and at this point, Falling Star just seems like a hazy, far-off dream still.

But anyways, going back to FH. I feel like these characters - Rose and Chase - have so much potential in them, you know? I mean, I don't know if I'm done with them yet, and I love them so much and they are my babies and some days I just go "I'M NEVER GONNA FINISH THIS THING. I SHALL KEEP WRITING IT FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF IT. EVER."

But then other days I get really pissed off with my crappy editing skills and just totally fed up with the world and I close the document, chuck my computer halfway across the room, and vow that as soon as this thing is done I'm going to stuff it in the back corners of my closet and never look at it again.

Because there are so many places to explore and things to do and characters to write about and songs to sing beyond this! But at the same time I hate the idea of just abandoning my characters, and at the end of FH I've deliberately sketched out an opening that just might be a sequel. You know, just in case I want to go with that option in the future. I feel like I want to branch out, but I'm afraid to leave behind what I might have created if I had just explored a little longer. 

Ugh. I'm driving myself mad and I'm not even done with the first edit yet.

Ah well. I'll go ponder that some more and run my brain in circles. But then, what else is new? ;)

love, Topaz