Friday Poetry: "Serendipity / Conviction"

Yesterday I did something which has long been on my bucket list: I wrote poetry, on demand, for two hours straight.  It was... fascinating. Truly, nothing like I had ever experienced before; I only had about fifteen to twenty minutes to pen each piece, a far cry from my usual three-to-four-hour process. In the end, I believe I wrote thirteen pieces for various wanderers. It was a feat of endurance, surely - but one I adored like no other. Afterwards I went home & curled up & slept for too long (which is, I admit, why Friday Poetry is late this week).

So I thought that today I might share one of the mad-dash-whirlwind pieces with you. This does not have a proper title, I'm afraid - only the two words which one of our "customers" provided to spin the poem off of. They were serendipity and conviction.

So here it is: written in fifteen minutes, I will remind you, so please don't judge too hard if you find it monstrously horrible. ;)

Have a beautiful weekend, my loves! I cannot wait to hear your thoughts.


Serendipity / Conviction

earth-bound balm, honeydew on our aching wounds. she stepped forward & i washed the want from my skin, fixated on how many dawns left for us to savour. the accidental balance. tiptoe left, right: the magic of a soul which fit hand-print perfect into mine. sunset stained horizon. harmless fire. cracks of light in grass. i am learning the way of crowsong sky, & the serendipity of longing: my body, & how i learned to fall in love with it only when it sang into hers. that conviction in loneliness, but more: in the ending of lonely. i know of no miracle except for the universe & her. & i whispered it, soft but only truer in the softness: i am here, & you are here, & for now it is enough. for now only this is enough.