Snapshots | August 10th

Firstly, and most importantly: it is the 150th birthday of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by the indomitable Lewis Carroll, and I am absurdly excited about that. (For those who have not read it: "six impossible things" is a quote from Through the Looking Glass, its sequelThose books are possibly my favourite in the history of the universe and are a very large part of the reason why I enjoy tea so much. 364 days a year we celebrate their unbirthday, but today - today is far more special!)

In only slightly less important news: Singapore, my adopted home, is also celebrating a birthday! Yesterday was in fact our 50th birthday - goodness, whenever we celebrate another year I'm reminded how very young we are, especially compared to so many other countries - and there was a large parade and many festivities. (Also, public transportation was free & most stores had all merchandise 50% off, which was certainly a perk. ;))

My parents went to the parade while my sister and I stayed home and saw it on television - certainly good news for me, because fireworks + crowds + anxiety are not the best recipe - but it was great fun from the comfort of my living room, as always. I so enjoy seeing all of this patriotism, especially since generally we are not such a demonstrative nation - but we've come so far in 50 years, and I think that is something worth celebrating. <3

And even more excitement - tomorrow is the first day of school! (It was supposed to be today, but the day after National Day is always a public holiday, so we have 24 more hours of freedom. ;))

I hope I don't incur any pitchfork-bearing mobs by saying this, but I am actually quite excited for school to begin. I've met my teachers already and they seem quite lovely this year - and while summer has been a wonderful break, I have some interesting and challenging classes that I am looking forward to tackling.

So do wish me luck on that, lovelies (and on waking up at 6:30 in the morning again - possibly the most distasteful part of all of this!).

And so, to my fellow Singaporeans, happy National day; to my fellow Carroll fans, a toast to the magic of Alice and what she found through the looking glass; and to everyone else - a very happy Monday to you all! xx