Snapshots | August 24th

I feel like it's important that you know: I wrote the title of this post and then sat here for about ten minutes wondering how on earth August is going by so fast. I'm not quite sure why, but August has always been a rather lazy month for me. June and July - they fly by, but Augusts of old have sauntered in and twined themselves around my ankles, reluctant to keep moving forward.

But this August has been such a whirlwind, for some reason - not least because school is finally getting stressful. I'm keeping my head above water, at least, but the hyperacusis has been wreaking havoc on any semblance of calm I might be able to muster in school.

As one might imagine, it's a bit hard to concentrate in class when I jump three feet in the air whenever someone clicks a pen or blows their nose. But more than that, I've found that anxiety causes hyperacusis, which then causes more anxiety, and then yet more hyperacusis, and all in all it is just a very sad and vicious cycle.

Something that has been making up for it slightly, though, and helping to take my mind off things: I am currently reading the mind-blowingly amazing Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

I know, I know, I should have read it ages ago - but I just kept putting it off, mostly because of all of the hype surrounding it. (What can I say? I can be stubborn like that. ;)) But I'm so glad I finally picked it up; I am hooked. It's the kind of book that has simultaneously gorgeous prose and a breakneck plot, and I'm not really 100% sure how the author does it, but it is beautiful.

So that is one good thing, and here is another: we're making progress with Half MysticI am ridiculously excited to say that two staff members have been chosen for the team, and I'll be introducing them on the blog this week - one is a familiar face and one is a new friend, but I have no doubt that you will give them both a warm welcome. (Er, not quite so warm as the dragons, though; let us hope there aren't any singed fingertips around here. ;))

So that was my weekend! I'm hoping this week is a little bit easier on the ears, but I suppose we'll see - and I am so looking forward to introducing the lovely new Half Mystic staff to you. You will adore them, I promise.

How was your weekend, lovelies? I would be so happy to hear about it - let's chat in the comments! xx