Snapshots | August 4th

This weekend I slowed down slightly. I am still learning how not to feel guilty for letting productivity slide, but I think I am getting a bit better for it. It's so difficult to know when the cure for sadness is to push through and work harder and when all one can do is slow down and wait for it to pass.

But things are improving a bit - not least because there has been a sudden influx of lovely emails in my inbox. I'm not sure how, but perhaps people instinctively know that I feel like a bit of a nuisance if I reach out during times like these, and so they find me instead. It doesn't make things perfect, but it helps to know that I haven't been forgotten - and that, I think, is never an unwelcome reminder.

Mostly I spent the weekend immersed in music - specifically, working on Half MysticStaff applications and submissions for the first issue have begun coming in, which is simultaneously exhilarating and utterly terrifying. There are, I must say, some preposterously talented creators submitting their beautiful work; honestly, I am somewhat in awe of them. (With that being said, though, I still haven't figured out how to reject people without a) feeling like a cruel villain and b) hurting their feelings. Must work on that.)

Ah, I did discover some lovely new music over the weekend that I wanted to share with you! I'm not sure if you keep an eye on the Melodies section in my sidebar, but lately I heard a beautiful song by Vampire Weekend entitled Hannah Hunt. After which I promptly decided that it was imperative that I marathon the majority of their other discography - and goodness, I am so happy I did.

My favourite songs of theirs, at the moment, are Hannah Hunt, M79, and Unbelievers - they have such simple & powerful lyrics and they use instruments (especially strings) in an incredibly creative way. It is a joy to listen to; I'd highly recommend them, if you're searching for new music.

I've been quite absent over the past week (though I hope the dragons kept things running while I was away? ;)), but I'm back in full swing this week - there is a summer-themed playlist, August horoscopes, and more coming soon.

How was your weekend, lovelies? xx