Snapshots | December 16th

It's shocking to me that December is already halfway over - where has all of this time gone? 2015 still feels newborn - but here we are, nearing the ending. And with it comes the dreaded finals. It's exam week for us, and so I have accordingly been cramming for finals and consuming copious amounts of tea - one pursuit of which is far more gratifying than the other, but I'm sure you'll be able to suss that out. ;) I believe exams have not gone too terribly so far, but let us wait and see till the results come back to make the ultimate judgement on that, yes?

Regardless: in two short days exams are over and winter break begins at last! I am planning to spend much of this break writing poetry and wandering around the city with a camera and planning writerly/musical projects and working on Half Mystic (which, by the way, there is a very special announcement regarding that coming soonsoonsoon - keep an eye out!). It is looking to be lovely. I absolutely cannot wait.

In other news: perhaps you will remember my mentioning that I have been considering starting on medication for depression + anxiety. There is an update regarding that: after discussing with my therapist and parents, we have decided to make the leap.

I'm starting on meds a few days into winter break, and currently I have... mixed feelings regarding that. I'm not sure how well I can articulate it at this point - and perhaps I simply need more time to think - but I will be updating you lovelies once it begins, and once I'm able to sort through my thoughts a little more clearly. Thank you so much for all of your support. I think I will need it in the coming days.

On the writerly side: our 16-16 experiment is progressing well! The writing period ends today, and so, if you would like, you can take a peek at the story here. I've been working on chapters 16 and 20, both of which are almost finished, so do feel free to leave your comments + feedback, if you'd like. I would be so happy to hear them both.

The editing begins today as well, which is at once terrifying and exhilarating. I am one of the three editors, and so I'll be combing through chapters 11 through 21 and coordinating with the other two editors to bring this story to its final draft. Updates, as always, will be on the blog and on Twitter - it should be quite interesting to see how it goes!

How have things been for you, lovelies? I realise I've been rather absent on Six Impossible Things lately, though hopefully winter break will remedy that - but I would love to hear about how the holiday season (+ final exams, for my fellow students) has been treating you.

Do let me know in the comments! I hope things have been sunlit and beautiful in your part of the universe. xx