Snapshots | July 20th

*slinks in through the back door, pushed by the dragons* I realise you lovelies are kind and wonderful people and likely wouldn't say anything about it if I didn't bring it up, but I am going to anyway: I'm sorry for missing Friday Poetry last week.

I'm getting frustrated with myself, if I'm being totally honest. I've been going through the archives, looking at all of the weeks I've missed lately - perhaps only three or four, but still, it adds up. And I have been writing so much poetry that I've been itching to share with you; it feels a bit like cheating to keep skipping out on it.

(Also, because I'm slightly selfish, I sort of want to see what you think of what I've been writing. I know I am so ridiculously proud of it - I feel like I've been growing in leaps and bounds as a writer lately - but it is always nice to have a second opinion. Especially when that opinion is yours.)

If it's any consolation, though, I actually did have a valid reason - it's one that took up much of my weekend, as a matter of fact.

I'll talk more about this tomorrow, since I believe it deserves its own post, but lately, my ears have been acting... oddly. I didn't mention it on the blog because I thought it was one of those passing not-quite-illnesses, but it turns out that is not true at all - in fact, I spent the vast majority of the weekend in and out of ear specialists' offices learning about exactly how not true it is.

Like I said, I'll be going into more detail on what happened tomorrow, but you know, I am feeling rather hopeful about this. Quite a few of the specialists have mentioned that there might be some connection to the depression & anxiety, but they also said that whatever this is, it's probably easily fixable, so I won't have to deal with it so much anymore. (Oh, what a wonderful thing to have an actual, physical disorder.) (File under: things I never thought I would hear myself say.)

Other than that, I didn't really do much this weekend - it was all rather a blur, honestly, because my mother insisted that it was imperative that she come to each of these meetings, and therefore they were all scheduled on her off days from work. (I did eat a very good ice cream sandwich - from a proper ice cream truck, no less! I thought they only had those in America! - but I don't think that counts as news.) (Oh, hell, let's just say it counts. ;))

Oh! And, before I forget, some real news - Eid Mubarak, to those of you to celebrate it! I hope you had a beautiful weekend with your families and ate lots of good food, because you absolutely deserve it.

And for everyone else - how has life been treating you lately? Let's chat in the comments. xx