Snapshots | June 1st

One day I will find it somewhere in me to stop apologising for missing so many posts. One of these days. But for the moment: I am so very sorry for skipping out on Friday Poetry last week. Friday was one of those inexplicably sad days, and as a result, I was really not up for writing much, poetry or otherwise.

But June! June is here to burn away the fog with wildflowers and suntans and New York City! We are hopping on a flight Friday morning - as you might recall, I received a Scholastic Art & Writing Award for poetry, and so Carnegie Hall awaits. I am giddily, monumentally excited.

School is dragging to an end, and I think all of us are barely hanging onto its coattails. We're struggling to muster up the motivation to finish our last exams. I am running out of viable notes to write in yearbooks. Summer seems like a tangible force knocking on the door.

And so it goes.

In other news: Tanvi of Somewhere Up a Tree wrote a post this weekend on the inanity of photographing humans. (If you know her, this will not surprise you in the slightest.) She also included some outtakes from our recent photoshoot and compared me to a puppy and a kitten and a pterodactyl all in once sentence. I am still trying to figure out whether to be flattered or offended by this.

Mostly I am packing clothes and listening to music and studying for the final finals and counting down the hours till New York.

Also: there are still a few housekeeping edits to be made to the blog (namely, changing the favicon + adding a Wordpress follow button). The dragons have been nagging me about it. I will be on that immediately this week.

How are you lovelies doing this Monday?