Snapshots | June 29th

Well, hello there. How delightful it is to see you again. I'm home once more (or something like it - I think New York will always be home to me. But who needs all this complicated terminology?). I made a rather hasty announcement on Twitter, but I did not, unfortunately, get the chance to let you lovelies know that I was taking an impromptu break due to wifi making a vanishing act.

It's good to be back in Singapore. Slightly bittersweet, definitely - leaving New York is far more difficult than arriving - but I'm trying to distract myself from that by throwing myself into working on various projects.

Frozen Hearts is, of course, at the forefront of that campaign. Also: writing lots of songs. Experimenting with different poetry styles. Fooling around on my guitar. Making some blog tweaks, as well, as you might see in the sidebar.

This is slightly random, but did I tell you that I saw Jurassic World? It's good (though not as much as Jurassic Park. I think nothing will ever trump the first one).

Other frivolous things:

I'm planning on buying succulents for my room and I am so looking forward to visiting the local nursery to pick them up. Hachii has a new nickname - "Magnet Dog" - stemmed from the fact that he attempted to sulk + ignore me for about 24 hours after I came back and has refused to leave my side since. I've gone on a Hans Zimmer binge and have been listening to the Interstellar soundtrack on repeat. Spring has danced her way into summer and I'm debating whether to cut all my hair off so that I don't melt every time I step outside.

And so forth.

(Oh, lovelies, I miss New York. More than I ever missed Singapore. And I'm trying not to be sad about that. But it's difficult.)

There's one project, though, that I am... ridiculously excited about, and that is making it a little easier. I've been tossing around the idea for a few months, but in New York I finally decided that I'd never do it if not now - so I've been working nonstop since I came home.

It has to do with music and mysticism, and I am sort of over the moon to tell you that it's launching this week. (!!!!!) Which: look out. Because I promise, you don't want to miss this.

So that is how I have been.

And you?