Snapshots | March 28th

I am home once more! The road trip was, alas, not the best I have ever been on; we had some technical difficulties with the car, amongst other things. So these past three days were rather anxiety-inducing, but: on a brighter note, I cannot tell you how good it is to be back again. Though I find it difficult to fall in love with Singapore at times, I think that in the end there could never be a place sweeter than the familiar crannies of the home I have created for myself here.

Spring break, too, has ended; I am submitting now to the routines that school has foisted upon me, in preparation for exams in a few short weeks. Curiously enough, I am not too stressed out quite yet. Possibly this will change soon, but for now: I am finding peace in revisions, focusing less on the exams to come and more on the motions of studying & memorisation. I cannot go so far as to say that I enjoy it, but all the same: settling down with chemistry notes or English flashcards or pre-calculus equations holds a regularity that I can embrace amongst waves of anxiety. These grooves are smooth, soft, comforting.

In other news: I am working hard on the Exciting Thing I have been mentioning here and there. I will likely be announcing it to my Patreon supporters tomorrow, so please do join in the magic if you have not already; I would love to share it with you, as well! It has been a beautiful process working on this project, and I cannot wait to announce it publicly as soon as it is ready. Such endless wonder.

Things I have been loving, lately:

Jodi Picoult novels; I am this close to finishing My Sister's Keeper and stalling the ending because I do not want it to be over. Maroon 5 songs; the new album, aside from having a lovely name, is overflowing with gut wrenching & gorgeous music. Podcasts; especially loving Welcome to Nightvale, Serial, The Minimalists, and Modern Love at the moment. (Alas, I am unsure how to link to them, but I'm sure if you simply Google them you should be able to find them.)

And how have you lovelies been?