Snapshots | September 2015

It's slightly hard to believe September is over already (!)—but with its end comes the beginning of autumn and cooler days ahead (or, for those of us living on top of the equator, the rainy season—perhaps less cool, but certainly lovely nonetheless). A fine exchange, if you ask me.

I feel as if these past few months have flown by, and so it seemed prudent to begin monthly recaps on Six Impossible Things, so as to perhaps hold onto the last dredges of months and reflect on how they went. We already have little horoscopes to welcome in the new month—it seems only fair to have recaps to say goodbye to the old, no?

September has been a bit of a roller coaster for me, I must say. It started off rather sad—and I did have some issues with derealisation in there, as well—so that was tough to deal with, especially as school began picking up in earnest.

But interspersed with all of that there have been some absolutely incredible moments: specifically, the entirety of the American Writers Festival, which was in Singapore a few weeks ago and during which I had the beautiful opportunity to work closely with Brooklyn Poet Laureate Tina Chang. (I'm still sort of reeling from that, honestly; it feels slightly surreal even now.) And, in case you missed it, I turned 16 on the 25th of September and was pulled into a magical night to celebrate—it was an unprecedented delight.

Online: most notably, I joined Instagram! I have had quite a lovely time trying out my hand at photography—I have a sneaking suspicion that I am sort of horrible at it, but I am having quite a bit of fun, so I think that is really what matters. ;)

On the blog, the most popular posts this month were the 777 Challenge, in which I introduced a snippet of a WIP; O2, in which I mused upon the peculiar weight of breathlessness; and a Friday Poem called "Rabbit Love, Lion Love". Also, if you are inclined to have a look, I updated my sidebar over the weekend with current favourite songs & newly-discovered loves around the blogosphere.

So that was my September! Certainly a good month, I think—though I must admit I am immensely looking forward to October. (One word: HALLOWEEN. *excited cackling erupts in the distance*)

How was your September, then? Let's chat in the comments; I'd be so happy to hear about it.