So Much Closer: A Mix for Hope in the Darkness

Note: wow, this mix took way longer to make than I had anticipated - apologies for the after-midnight post!

Hi lovelies!

I'm sorry for the lack of post yesterday. It was pretty rough, to put it mildly, especially when I came home from school... you know how it goes, and I wasn't really up to writing anything. Today wasn't so good either - it was Chinese New Year, so we didn't have school, and I spent the majority of the day holed up my room rereading old Reader's Digest copies + memorising poetry + watching Disney movies + playing video games (I'm actually not really a game person, but there's something comforting about the repetitiveness during times like this) + generally trying not to think and/or panic at small noises.

I did manage to avoid having a panic attack (which: HALLELUJAH FOR THAT), but still. Crappy couple of days. Far too many tears than can be remotely healthy.

A few weeks ago Alyssa tagged me in the Lyric Medley tag - thank you so much, love! - but I never really got around to doing it. I was seriously considering it, but two things made me decide against it: firstly, the tag requires a somewhat cohesive music taste, which I do not have; and secondly, I detest and abhor playlists that are not cohesive.

So instead I decided to do a bit of a spin-off of the tag and make a playlist that, while certainly not encompassing my music taste as a whole, does encompass what's been on my mind lately. This one was... difficult to make, especially since the theme is so tough to name, but I do hope you guys enjoy it anyway. You can click on the cover to listen on 8tracks (and about that, I'm sorry that it turned out slightly blurry - on the site it looks much better!).

Album Cover

i. facing west // the staves

ii. transatlanticism // death cab for cutie

iii. bones // ben howard

iv. state of grace (acoustic) // taylor swift

v. fever dream // iron & wine

vi. northern downpour // panic! at the disco

vii. she will be loved (acoustic) // maroon five

viii. sink or swim // lewis watson

This is a mix for the quiet warriors, for the people who have waged and lost too many battles against themselves. It's at once a manifesto for those who have almost given up countless times and reminder that almost is an important word. These songs are a celebration of the beauty in what's broken, and they form an intricate dance between hope and the darkness it so often hides in.

love, Topaz