Song Snippet: "Devils"

Hey everybody! Thanksgiving break is here! Four glorious days off from school to do absolutely nothing. Yay! I didn't edit Frozen Hearts today - I wasn't really in the mood. But as I mentioned, tomorrow I have no school so I'll just do two chapters to make up for it ;)

This week's song snippet is from a song I actually wrote today and it turned out surprisingly creepy. I think my Halloween factor is kicking in a month late. So here you go! The first verse, pre-chorus, and chorus of Devils! What do you think? I'm very proud that I used zero sky/star/rain metaphors - that's pretty much a first! ;)

love, Topaz


Verse 1

Can you hear all the monsters in the distance? They are thirsty for the fear deep in your heart Maybe once upon a time they were quiet But you knew they would grow and come back from the start Now the voices are crying ‘til their tears all stream out And the silence you craved might be just a little too loud


There’s no one, no one left to turn to There’s no one, no one left to blame So remember the fire, the fire that burned you Was it your own hand that struck the flame?


You court the darkness and call up the night Like an old friend of demons, you are And here’s just one thing that I can’t explain – You court the darkness and then you complain When the shadows creep up And the devils call your name The devils call your name