Song Snippet: "Falling Star"

Hey all! :) Over the weekend I got some work done on FH. Edited up to Chapter 10 now, so that's awesome - more or less a third of the way through! I think over the weekend I'll probably be recording a couple songs for Falling Star (that, for all of you lovely new members to our little family, is my debut album). I'm having such a hard time deciding which songs are actually going to go on the record, though... I keep changing my mind. I swear, I just want to pile all thirty on one CD. ;)

BUT ANYWAYS! Speaking of music, decided to do this week's song snippet earlier in the week. "Falling Star" is the one song that I'm sure is going to go on the album, for obvious reasons. ;) And I really love the work my awesome guitarist Shandi did with it, but I kind of want to save the actual music as a surprise, so for now... the lyrics of the first verse and chorus will have to do :D Stars/galaxy/sky/other heavenly subjects are some of my favorite to write about, and I'm really proud of this song. Which is probably why it's the title of the CD. ;)

Cheers, lovelies!

love, Topaz

Falling Star

Verse 1

Here we are together Walking hand in hand Exploring the galaxy, to fantasy lands To places where hopes and dreams Really do come true But my dream’s already living ‘Cause darling, it’s you


‘Cause your smile lifts me Higher than the stars themselves On moonbeams and starlight We’re soaring high above the world We’re dancing and flying And waltzing through the sparkling skies And I could catch a falling star right now But I know I don’t have to, somehow ‘Cause your eyes are looking into mine and it’s oh so clear That the only thing I could ever wish for is right here