Song Snippet: "Freefall"

Hi guys! I'm really sorry for not blogging yesterday - I was kind of cramming for finals and I kept telling myself I was going to write a post but then... I didn't. :P However, most of my big exams are over so I'm hoping that won't happen again!

This week's song snippet is the second verse/chorus/bridge of basically the first song I ever looked at and went 'wow, I'm proud to have written that song'. For the longest time I basically went around shoving it in people's faces going LOOK AT THIS AMAZING SONG I WROTE ISN'T IT AMAZING

So do let me know what you think of it! :) FH updates will be covered tomorrow... my word count isn't working again but hopefully that'll be automatically fixed like it was last time! ;)

love, Topaz


Verse 2

My heart was heavy with all those broken promises Never imagined a love that could be limitless And forever, but you showed that to me And now I realize you’re all it takes for me to believe 


And I was too scared to fall in love without a parachute But somehow, darling, I know with you I could dance in a storm I could run fast and free And I could freefall And darling, you would catch me


What a strange sensation - never felt this way before All my life my heart’s been fighting out this everlasting war But you bring peace to me, I’ll love you through it all And I know, I know you’d never let me fall