Strawberries Tomorrow!

Hey everybody!

Okay, so I was going to post a flash fiction piece I wrote today, but I think I'm going cross-eyed from staring at a computer screen for the past couple of hours. Consequently, my editing capabilities are really not the sharpest at the moment. (I'm cleaning out my bookmark folders, which is why I've been sitting here reading through old articles on why repetition is necessary in music and the best way to market books on social media. Organisation is awesome, but if I read one more word about how best to utilise the 160-character Twitter bio space, I may or may not murder someone.)

So I'm postponing that piece until tomorrow, just so that I can give myself a night to recharge and hopefully look at it with fresh eyes. I love the beginning and the ending, but everything in the middle is kind of iffy, haha ;) Here's the first line, for your expert examination:

On the day you left, all she could think of was the taste of strawberries.

So yes, look forward to reading that tomorrow! Go eat strawberries or something in preparation. (Though, do you ever need an excuse to eat strawberries? ;))

Also, I have to say this before I log off: BIG HERO 6. OH MY GOD. All of you kept telling me how awesome it was, but I could not quite fathom this level of adorableness. So many feels. I can't even. (Also, I don't think my sister is ever going to stop teasing me for the gross sobbing during - well, during that scene. You know what I'm talking about.) If there's anyone who hasn't watched it yet, go book your tickets NOW, because it is incredible and I promise you won't regret seeing it!

Okay, I actually am going cross-eyed at this point - I sincerely apologise if there's a multitude of typos in this post! - so I'm going to bed. Good night, lovelies! I hope you're having a wonderful week!

love, Topaz