The Eternal Struggle of Word Count

Ello everyone! I've talked about this a couple of times before, but it's becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on - and now, the school year is really starting to get kicked off so I wanted to touch on it again. I must admit that I'd kind of taken this summer for granted, and I'd totally forgotten that this whole unlimited time thing isn't forever. :P Unfortunately, that's coming back to bite me now, because I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with my ultra-high standards of writing.

As you guys know, during the summer I generally wrote and edited for around two hours a day, and that worked for me. I got enough work done without getting burnt out, and I still had time to relax and enjoy my free time. (Yay! Win-win! :D) In the 8th grade I tried to log at least an hour of writing time per day, but I wasn't always able to get to that, especially towards the end of it. This year, I'm finding even less time to squeeze in precious writing - and that makes it easier and easier to fall into the routine of I skipped writing yesterday, but I'm sure one more day won't hurt! Before I know it, I've gone a whole week without writing anything except blog posts, with Frozen Hearts sitting untouched and unedited on my desktop. :/

So this year, I've realised that I need to lower my standards a little bit when it comes to the time that I'm taking to write. I know for sure that I cannot ever, ever go more than one day without editing FH. That's unacceptable - it just totally puts me out of the world and it takes me forever to get back into it.

I read a lovely article the other day where one successful writer talked about his strategy, and it was surprisingly simple - one of those why didn't I think of that? Oh yeah, because I'm an idiot type of things. ;)

His daily word count goal: 1.

That's right - as long as this author writes just one word a day, he counts it as a success.

To be honest, at first I thought this was ridiculous. But the more I contemplated it, the more it made sense to me. Having a 1-word goal sets your standards so low that when you're completely and totally rushed and don't have time to sit down for two hours and write, you still accomplish a goal. Plus, it ensures that no matter what you do, you write something every day - no excuses, no bad days, nothing. There's no excuse for not writing one word! ;)

So I've decided to use this same strategy on my own writing (with a couple of tweaks to suit myself better). From now on, I just want to sit down and edit Frozen Hearts every single day - it doesn't matter how long, whether it's for five minutes or three hours. Sometimes I'll have time to write and sometimes I won't, and I'm cool with that - but editing FH is a must.

I'm slightly excited and slightly apprehensive to see how this works out for me, but I'll keep you guys updated! I'd love to hear your writing strategies - do you write every day? What's your daily word count goal? How do you manage to find time to write amongst the many calls of life? Let's have a conversation! :)

love, Topaz