The Struggles of Character Building

Hey guys! So I just realised we have a break the week after next, which is AWESOME. :D I don't think my family is going anywhere, so that basically means I get the whole week to chill out/write FH. The downside to that is all of next week is exams, exams, aaaand more exams. So unfortunately, I probably won't have time to get much work done in between studying. :/

But anyway! We still have a couple more days of this week, so let's enjoy that, shall we? ;) Today I wanted to talk about something that I've been noticing has been slightly affecting my perception of my writing: namely, reading.

As all of you hopefully know by now, I love to read. (I mean, how exactly can you be a writer without reading...?) But it seems that there's a trend I've been happening towards lately, and that's reading books with characters who can perfectly wield a weapon, are constantly the first ones to defeat every single antagonist, always have the best one-liners, etc, etc, etc. It's not exactly helping that my CP just sent me a manuscript with a character that perfectly fits that description, either. :P

And while I have absolutely nothing against those types of characters - to the contrary, I think they're so important in the literary world - my issue is that the MC of Frozen Hearts just does not fit that mould at all. And although I didn't really notice it until a few days ago, I've subconsciously begun seeing that as a problem.

Those of you who have met Rosalyn before will know that she is perfectly happy with her nose stuck in a book. She's an introvert. She loves hanging out with her family. She doubts herself, a lot. She's terrible under pressure. She's emotional. She's one of those people who think through their decisions for way too long rather than just choosing something already.

In other words: she's probably exactly the opposite of the character I described above.

But something I've had to realise is that that's okay. There is no way I could ever turn Rose into a kickass crack shot who can ram through ten monsters without breaking a sweat. That's just not who she is - it's not the character I wrote. It's interesting to realise this because there's one character whose personality did a complete 180 from the first draft, and I felt perfectly fine changing it. But I know that I couldn't edit Rose into someone different at this stage - she's taken on a personality all her own.

I guess another thing that's made me come to this conclusion is the realisation that I actually have not read many books with characters like Rose. Could just be that I'm not choosing the right ones, but with the exception of Cath from Fangirl, I've rarely seen any introverted MCs. Certainly not in any fantasy books - I've read a couple in the contemporary genre, but that's about it.

I think I've made the right choice in not diverting from the path I originally set for Rose, but I would love to hear your opinions. Have you ever faced a dilemma like this? What are your thoughts on changing character personalities? Any book recommendations for characters like Rosalyn? I'd love to have a discussion on this - ideas and comments are always welcome! :)

love, Topaz