The Teacup Trail: We're Hiring!

There have been some beautiful new developments lately over at The Teacup Trailwhere I work as a writing editor; in case you have not yet heard, our first anniversary was on October 13th! As you will recall, I only joined a few months ago, but it is immensely exciting to see how much we have grown. Here's to another incredible year. Alas, there is some bittersweet news as well - Annika, our other writing editor, has made the decision to leave us, and she will be missed dearly. But along with this we will be changing things up slightly at the Trail; in the future, we will be dividing writing editing duties into poetry & prose categories. I will be serving as the poetry editor, but we are also putting out a call for a new prose editor!

Christina, our editor-in-chief, posted guidelines on the staff blog for editorial hopefuls, so I will take the liberty of sharing them with you lovelies:

  • Have a keen instinct for the aesthetic and feel of stories that The Teacup Trail seeks.
  • Have the time necessary to handle submissions (though don’t let the work load scare you away from applying!).
  • Be able to report accept/reject recommendations to the editor-in-chief in a timely manner.
  • As a big, big plus (but it’s not necessary) be a skilled prose writer themselves.
  • As another plus (but again, not required) have experience working with a literary magazine.
  • And yet another plus (not necessary) be able to promote The Teacup Trail around the Internet.
  • And as always, be passionate about The Teacup Trail's mission.


I know that many of you are writers as well, and so I would strongly encourage you to take a look around the Trail and see if, perhaps, our aesthetic is one that you may be interested in. We are mostly focused on speculative & fantastical pieces and ideas that challenge the ordinary - or better yet, find magic within the ordinary.

Here is Christina's blog post - feel free to take a look for some of the perks of the job, as well as what you will need to send in order to apply.

I have had a perfectly lovely time working at the Trail - truly, I am so very fortunate to have found a journal that suits my personal tastes and has an incredible community built around it. Writers, please believe me when I say that I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Please do take a look and consider applying - I promise you will not regret it! xx