The Way You Look Tonight: A Mix for an Old-Fashioned Love Affair

Hey all!

I'm sorry for publishing yesterday's post after midnight - I started writing ridiculously late, kinda got carried away with it, and totally forgot to add my usual note. :P I do hope it didn't affect any of your reading habits, though - and look, I'm being good tonight and posting this before midnight!

I've been in a jazzy mood lately and I've sort of been overdosing on allll the jazz songs, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourites with you - and, of course, what better way to do it than with a mix of love songs? I think we all have something to learn from the metaphors in these songs, because come on, let's face it: nobody can say it better than Ella Fitzgerald can. NOBODY. ;)

Click on the cover to listen to this one on 8tracks, and check out the tracklist below:

Album Cover

i. you've got that thing // bobby short

ii. i get a kick out of you // frank sinatra

iii. walkin' my baby back home // nat king cole

iv. you do something to me // ella fitzgerald

v. the way you look tonight // frank sinatra

vi. let's do it (let's fall in love) // ella fitzgerald

vii. beyond the sea // bobby darin

viii. ain't that a kick in the head // dean martin

ix. cheek to cheek // louis armstrong & ella fitzgerald

x. (i love you) for sentimental reasons // nat king cole

These songs are a mixture of swing jazz and tapping feet, midnight on cobblestoned streets. They're drunken solos out three-story windows, drowsy nights and saxophone laughter. These songs are for clumsy dances, dips and twirls and serenading each other with the stars as microphones. When the night is drowsy and the air smells like smoke and the colour blue, break out the records, because this mix is for a love affair as old-fashioned as it is timeless.

love, Topaz