Thoughts from the Betas

Hey guys! I edited Frozen Hearts some more today - beta reader critiques are trickling in, and it's quite nice to see everybody's different opinions on how the book is turning out. :D Most people really liked it, so I'm internally cheering every single time a nice comment comes in! ;) However, there's also loads of feedback - some of it minor, some of it universal throughout the book - and I'm working through that, keeping some things, deleting others. I've never done this before, as you all know, so I'm pretty much learning through trial and error!

Also, a couple of the beta readers are people who've been hearing about (and consequently, fangirling over) FH for months and months, and it's so lovely to see their reactions on finally getting to read it. :D I'm trying not to think of publishing dates right now. I think it comes when it comes, so I'm just trying to focus on sifting through everyone's comments and improving the book until it's the best it can be. Perfection isn't going to happen upon me anytime soon, I know, but I want to get as close as possible before FH hits the shelves! x

love, Topaz