Thoughts on Forever Featured on Inkblots & Typing Spots!

Hey everyone! Recently I had the pleasure of corresponding with Colette, one of the editors at the lovely literary magazine Inkblots and Typing Spots. Inkblots is a magazine featuring young and aspiring authors' work; I submitted a poem I wrote a couple weeks ago, Thoughts on Forever, for consideration, and I'm very happy and proud to say that it was published to the e-zine on Saturday!

Understandably, Thoughts on Forever was edited before it was posted, and I think that the changes not only made the poem much better, but also changed the theme slightly, so that comparing the older to the newer version is quite intriguing. So if you guys are interested in seeing it, here is the version I originally posted on my blog, and right here is where the newer version is posted on Inkblots and Typing Spots. 

Let me know what you think - did the changes make the poem better? Worse? As you know, I'm always open to feedback from you all! Also, don't forget to check in tomorrow for a song snippet or chapter 5 of Paper Wings... haven't decided yet, but definitely all good stuff, yes? ;)

love, Topaz