Thoughts on NYC and the Art & Writing Awards

Ello everybody! WOW. I've had such an eventful couple of days in New York so far - seriously, there've been a billion things going on and I'm having sooooo much fun. :D I had no idea so much could be packed into three days, haha ;) (Though of course, I've been missing you all!) The actual Scholastic Art & Writing awards ended two days ago, but we still have five more days before we have to say goodbye to NYC and go to Washington DC, and I certainly plan on enjoying them!

The flight to New York was, as expected, mindblowingly long, but the good part was I DID manage to fit in quite a bit of FH editing time (plus a Sherlock marathon! Seriously, I'd almost forgotten how much I loved that show!). When my mom and I landed at around 8:30 PM we didn't really do much - just ate dinner and wandered around New York, then crashed in bed. Jetlag is the worst. :P

The next day was the start of the Art & Writing fun! We woke up early and went to Parsons New School for Design, which is where the Awards were hosted. There I got my medal - which was seriously BEAUTIFUL! Totally blown away by the design they decided to use! - and was given a gift bag containing the program, an information packet, and the book The Finisher, by David Baldacci (which, okay, random much? But totally not like I'm objecting to free books!).There was a tour of Parsons, and they even hired a professional photographer to take pictures of everything! In the evening was the Maker Prom, which was the dance they organised for the winners at the supremely lovely Roosevelt Hotel. I enjoyed it WAY more than the school dance - I met quite a few cool people, there were some fun and creative booths where we could make stuff, and the DJ was very into it. ;) It turns out I'm one out of (I think?) only 10 people who won from outside of the US, and I was basically the only person who actually came to New York - people seemed pretty surprised that I'd won a writing award ("your English is so good for a Singaporean!").

On Day 2 we went back to Parsons and got a chance to see all of the wonderful art and writing that people had created. There was some truly amazing work there and my mom and I had so much fun looking through all of it - plus, I saw some of the pieces from people I had met at the dance the previous night, which was awesome! In the evening, of course, was the big ceremony in Carnegie Hall, which is even more beautiful than I had anticipated. There was a two-hour rehearsal and then the actual show was another two hours - it aired live on national television! Did any of my lovely American readers get a chance to watch it? If not, there was also a live webcast, which is still online - you can check it out right here.

Guys, this is actually a WAY bigger deal than I had first realised. There are so many cool things that Scholastic did - they put an ad on one of the billboards in Times Square (which we went and saw!), Michelle Obama - that's right, THE FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - filmed a video congratulating us... heck, they even turned the Empire State Building gold!

So, yes. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards were pretty darn awesome. :D But I'm also looking forward to enjoying New York - which I've kind of already started doing, since yesterday we went down to Ellis Island, visited the magnificent Statue of Liberty, and saw a Broadway play (which is something that's been on my bucket list FOREVER!) - The Phantom of the Opera! It's a new favourite of mine - the special effects and the lighting and the singing and the acting and just everything was simply lovely. <3 Today we're going to go look at some museums, go to the New York public library, and see another play, which has been my favourite one for basically as long as I knew what musicals were - Wicked! Very very excited for that. :D

Sorry I haven't been online much, lovelies! I have been reading all your posts on my phone, but unfortunately I don't have the comment function - I'll download the WordPress app soon, though, so I can let you know how I've been doing in a more timely fashion. ;) Until then, don't forget to check my Twitter account - I've been pretty regular on there most of the time - and of course, I'll be posting more about NYC and life in general next week! xx

love, Topaz