Top Ten: Character Traits - Rosalyn Lawrence (Part 1)

Hey all! I was trying to record a song today to share with you as a song snippet, but it was raining out so unfortunately I had to give up. :P However, on the plus side I hardly  had any homework and therefore got to edit two chapters of FH! :D Yay! Word count is at 52,000 - I cut off about half a chapter and fiddled around with some of the descriptions to make them a bit more concise, so that's why it's not higher. :) As promised when I released the blurb last week, the time has come to share with you guys some more info on Frozen Hearts - and what better why to do so than through Top Ten Tuesday?

I give you the top ten character traits of Miss Rosalyn Lawrence, the protagonist of FH and the character who started this whole venture in the first place. :D However, since I'm an evil person (hey, I'm a writer! What can I say?) I'm only giving you part one of this list - that is, not the top ten, but technically the top five. There's really no reason for this, but I'm just mean like that and I like to make you guys wait for the second half of Rosalyn's character. ;) Next week I'll post part two of the list!

Some of her traits are actually based off of myself - but then, there's no one I know better! Do let me know what you think - is she too flawed? Not flawed enough? Just right? I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions. :)

love, Topaz

Top Ten: Character Traits - Rosalyn Lawrence (Part 1)

1. Looks Alright, let's get the boring stuff out of the way first, yeah? Let's see. Rosalyn is somewhat pale - spends most of her time indoors, you see - with large green eyes and thick, shoulder-length, dark brown hair that refused to be tamed no matter how much she combs it. She generally wears her hair down, and although it's unconscious she tends to use it as a shield when something uncomfortable is happening. She's tall for her age, 15, and lanky - something she's secretly embarrassed about; she'd much rather be short, but with her height she tends to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to herself.

2. Loving Her family is the center of Rosalyn's life. She lives with her mother, father, and little brother, Benjamin; unlike many siblings, she and Benjamin are very close. Benjamin is five years old and looks up to Rosalyn more than anyone, seeing her as a role model, a playmate, and a protector; and Rosalyn takes this very seriously. Although in a normal situation she is shy and tends to not like to interact with others, where Benjamin is involved she will blossom into a mother lioness  to protect him.

3. Introverted As I've mentioned above, Rosalyn isn't the most extroverted of people. She likes to spend time alone much more than with other people; books are her best friends and she does not trust easily - nor does she forgive immediately. Her closest human friends are her family, and outside of that circle she only has a few people whom she considers "friends". As a result, Rosalyn tends to be very shy and somewhat aloof when it comes to people she doesn't know well - and it takes someone very persistent in order to break through her carefully erected walls.

4. Compassionate However, even though Rosalyn is introverted, she's also compassionate. She can relate to even the most bitter person and find the good in everyone - and even when there is absolutely nothing to be found, she tends to create a good trait from her own imagination and believes that it is really a part of the person. This can be a good thing or a bad thing; but unfortunately, in situations like the one she is put in in Frozen Hearts - that is, to rescue Benjamin from a land where survival is key and people will do absolutely anything to stay alive, including take advantage of others  - compassion is unheard of and perhaps not the wisest trait to have.

5. Cautious Going hand-in-hand with number three - Rosalyn thinks twice (okay, so maybe thrice. Or four or five or six times...) before entering any situation that might remotely be considered "dangerous". She has always been the type of person who watches from the ground as her family screams on rollercoasters at theme parks; who sits on the beach as her parents scuba dive in the ocean; who reads every rule very carefully and checks them off to make sure she's following them all. However, don't write her off as cowardly - when given a good enough motivator (such, as for example, Benjamin being kidnapped by a magical Queen!), Rosalyn will gladly go through any amount of danger in order to make things right.