Top Ten: Favorite Scents

Hello, lovelies! Did some work on FH today - current word count is 46,000! Well on our way to 50k, so that's awesome. :D I also edited A Rhapsody in Roses, and I have to say I really, really like the idea. But I'm not entirely sure if it can really progress much, you know? I might just keep writing and see where it goes, even though I usually tend to plot things out first. Will keep you guys updated on that! :)

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is, as the name implies, ten of my favorite scents to smell. Many are really feelings - I tend to be nostalgic like that, as you may have figured out already! ;) Do feel free to leave your favorites below as well - I would love to hear them.

love, Topaz

Top Ten: Favorite Scents

1. Really old books We all knew this one would be first on the list. ;) I'm a reader! I love the smell of books; particularly really, really old ones. When there are books, I generally tend to automatically feel at home. As a bonus, I love the smell of libraries - it's basically just a melting pot of book smells, which is pretty darn awesome. :D

2. Peppermint The taste is one thing, but even smelling the sharp tang of peppermint is so pleasing. I once read a study that peppermint was the best smell in the world according to the human brain, and I can wholeheartedly testify to that. Peppermint is a lovely scent; even catching a whiff of it in the street puts a smile on my face. :D

3. Melting chocolate Self-professed chocoholic, right here! Melting chocolate brings back the fondest memories of Christmases spent munching on homemade chocolate-chip cookies, an air of festivity hanging in the atmosphere.  (On a completely random note, my spell-checker actually thinks 'chocoholic' is a real word... it didn't underline it in red... o.O)

4. Winter snow Right up there with melting chocolate - the sharp scent of snow in winter means Christmas times spent laughing and opening gifts with family. :)

5. Rain in the air Living in Singapore, we tend to get rainstorms a lot and the smell of rain in the air makes me so happy.  It's the smell of living things - flowers blooming and grass growing. Not to mention writing while the rain pounds on the windowsill is quite possibly the most comforting experience in the world.

6. Freshly cut grass Again with the beautiful smell of living things.

7. Coffee I've mentioned my obsession with love for coffee quite a few times, I believe - but I had to say it again. Even the smell of coffee is one of my favorite things in the world - the taste, of course, is quite lovely as well, but the scent might be even better. The smell of coffee is the smell of mornings, of waking up to a brand new day and a brand new beginning of hope. What's not to love?

8. Roses My favorite flower in the entire world - one of the main characters of FH is named after it (Rosalyn Lawrence!) and of course, an integral part of the title of A Rhapsody in Roses. Roses are not only exquisite to look at, but the smell brings to mind perfumed handwritten letters and secret meetings of star-crossed lovers in lost, thick, forgotten forests in the middle of nowhere.

9. Babies' skin When we were young and innocent... A frequent line in my songs/poetry/other writing. I love to explore the naiveté of youth, and what speaks of it better than babies' skin? Babies embody the very idea of innocence, the very spirit of candor. The soft, sweet smell only speaks further of their complete, untouched, unaffected and honest sincerity.

10. The sea I don't know about you guys, but for me the sea has always symbolized a sense of freedom. There's something very uplifting about a stretch of blue as far as the eye can see. No limits - nothing to hold you back from doing whatever you want to do in life. The crusty salt scent embodies it perfectly.