Top Ten: Reasons to Fall in Love with Writing

Hey guys! Wanted to let you know that I won't be posting from tomorrow until Saturday, as I'll be on a school trip. The trip happens every year and I'm really excited (it's so much fun!) - but unfortunately, there's no electronic devices allowed as we're meant to be "bonding". :P So don't worry when you don't see me blogging/tweeting/responding to emails/etc.!

I'm still flying high from writing the climax of FH, so for this week's Top Ten Tuesday I wanted to try and convince the shockingly large amount of non-writers out there to come over to the dark side... *cue scary music here* ;)

But seriously! Read the list below, and try and wrap your mind around how freaking amazing writing is. Maybe try your hand at it. I'd love to hear both writers' and non-writers' thoughts on it, as well, so feel free to leave comments below!

I'll see you on Saturday - until then, ciao everyone!

love, Topaz

Top Ten: Reasons to Fall in Love with Writing

1. You don't have to be perfect. With some things, you have to be perfect to get anywhere. Not so with writing. Everything is game. Nothing is considered "bad" - what one person hates, another loves. That's the beauty of it - with writing, there are two sides to everything. And even if you think your scribblings would make the most optimistic person cringe, someone else might believe they are the works of a master.

2. It helps you find your place in the world. Writing regularly can help you establish your rhythm; to find out what makes you tick, and where you fit in in this big, wide world of ours. It helps you discover your inner voice, where you want to go and who you want to be. When you write, you leave your mark on the world and in turn, you'll find out what exactly you're meant to do

3. Goodbye, lonely writer illusion! Despite common opinion, writing actually does help us make friends. From the coffee shop buddy to the critique partner to the regular blog commenter, writing establishes connections and makes friendships that can last a lifetime. I am constantly amazed by my writer friends' new pieces, as they are by mine.

4. It's a connection to the world. Since the beginning of humanity, people have been telling stories. Our deepest roots stretch back to stories, to legends and fairytales and fables and myths. Writing is as much a part of our being as eating and drinking. It connects you to every single reader and writer the world has ever known - from the mouth-to-mouth legends of the cavemen to the eBooks of the 21st century.

5. You can have complete control. Over everything. Inside every writer is a crazed dictator, feverishly planning out every single minuscule detail that happens in their stories. Even when your whole existence is spiraling out of control, the one thing you will always, always have complete control over is what happens in your writing.

6. Anybody can do it. Frozen Hearts will be coming out when I'm 15. Mark Twain published Tom Sawyer when he was 41. You are never, ever too old or too young to write. Whether you're 8 or 80, you will always be able to create a world of your own. (That said, you're not getting any younger and time goes by quickly. Put that pen to paper now.)

7. It opens your eyes. I can vouch for every single author, poet, songwriter, lyricist, and playwright out there - if you're a writer, you have got to be observant, if only so that you can describe your characters and bring your subjects to life. Writing opens your eyes to a whole different side of the world, one you never really got to see before you started looking for it.

8. You can let out frustrations, fears, worries... No matter what, there's going to be a time when you've had a terrible day or you're going through something horrible, and there's no one there for you. But your pen and paper will never, ever leave. Writing is the perfect outlet for venting - and it's surprisingly effective in helping you cope.

9. Everything works. Unicorns on the moon? Check! Mad scientists creating mice the size of people? Check! Puppies dancing the tango with purple polka-dotted spiders? Check, check, check! When you're writing, you can pull absolutely anything out of a hat and it's all cool. Let your imagination run wild. In the hazy, undefined world of writer-land, shapeless blobs and unnamed realms are waiting for you to explore and claim them as your own.

10. The pen is mightier than the sword. As cliche as it is, it's actually incredibly true. Words can break someone into a million pieces... and they can put them back together again. I think most of us don't really understand how powerful writing is; how it can make people cry, and laugh, and come together to do something magical. I guess that's really why we write... because writing puts something beautiful out there into the world, and it makes an unimaginable difference in our readers' lives.