Top Ten: Things I Learned from the Dog

Hi everybody! Today I'm feeling a lot better - got a chance to edit a bit of FH and I have almost no homework so as soon as I finish writing this I'll start on writing FH! Hoping I'll be able to do the battle scene today. :D So, this week's Top Ten Tuesday involves this little guy over here:


If you're a regular reader, you'll recognize this as my puppy Hachii, featured in "A Dog After My Own Heart". Hachii is a fairly simple creature. He likes cottage cheese, blueberries, watching people from the balcony, belly rubs, cuddles, being groomed, and hanging out with his family. He doesn’t like the dog next door, being alone, baths, the word no, pills, and the vet.

And yet, even though this dog is simple, I realized I’ve learned a lot – maybe even unconsciously - from him. And so, for you folks that have never had the privilege of owning a pet and learning these things first hand, I give you this for today's Top Ten Tuesday: the master list. Things I learned from Hachii.


love, Topaz

Top Ten: Things I learned from the Dog

1. If you're in a new place filled with new people... ... say hi to everybody, even if they smell like cat.

2. Sleep with your belly up if you find it comfortable. Don't be afraid that someone will step on you.

3. If you're all alone, bark... ... and wait for your people to come and rescue you.

4. Do what you love to do. If you're people don't throw the ball for you, stare at them accusingly until they do.

5. If there's a cookie crumb under the bed... ... don't let anyone, even your people, tell you there isn't one.

6. Don't bark at other dogs... ... unless, of course, they bark first.

7. Enjoy life's simple pleasures... ... like belly rubs, cuddles, and cottage cheese.

8. Every time your people leave, say goodbye like it's the last time you'll see them. You never know - they might be going on holiday for three weeks.

9. Even if your people leave you at the vet... ... trust that they'll come back for you.

10. Love your people with all your heart... ... and they will do the same for you.