Two Exams Down!

Hi everyone! Molecular Biology and Chinese exams are checked off the list! :D There are still a couple of projects, plus Algebra II Trig and one more Chinese, that are all on Friday, but for tonight I'm just taking a breather from all of that and catching up with writing and blog reading and everything. And I'm finally getting back to Frozen Hearts again - I've been reading a lot of books with female protagonists lately (although I still haven't found an introverted one!), so that's been lovely. :)

Tomorrow we have MAP tests - it's a standardised testing thing, stands for Measure of Academic Progress - which I am SO EXCITED for because it means we get a half day! :D School ends at 11:15 tomorrow, meaning I get to come home and chill out for the rest of the day. We don't have any actual classes either - we basically just go to school, take the test, and come home, so one extra day to finish off homework and such. :)

To be honest, I think all of us are really just sick and tired of school at this point. Just three more days, though, and then we're all free at last! I'm counting down the hours. ;)

love, Topaz