Who Needs Snow Days, Anyway?

Hey guys! Nothing much to report for today - I haven't really been writing at all, which kind of sucks. (Never fear, though - I have been sticking to my one-word-a-day policy, so at least I got a little work done over the past couple of days!) Mostly I've just been studying for two tests I have tomorrow, Algebra II Trig and Molecular Biology, which are my hardest subjects. I have them one after the other, which will be... fun. :P

The good news (well, I mean, depending on your definition of good) is that haze from Indonesia has been making its way over to here. They're burning down the forests, which obviously is terrible, not to mention the smoke is blowing over to Singapore and fogging up our air too. :/ The last time it got this bad was last summer - my mom and my sister and I were in Minnesota at the time, but my dad was there and he said it was horrible. So school may or may not be closed tomorrow, which on one hand means: LONG WEEKEND AND MY TESTS ARE POSTPONED YAAAAY and on the other hand means: shoot, it's really gotten bad out there. :P (I can just imagine the headlines: Welcome to Singapore! Who needs snow days when you can have smoke days?)

So we'll see about that tomorrow. ;) In any case, it'll soon be a Friday, so there are two glorious days of freedom ahead of us, smoke day or no! :D Hopefully none of my Singaporean readers are having difficulties with the haze outside - if so, hey, look on the bright side: you might not have to go to school/work tomorrow! Now that's what I call a victory. ;)

love, Topaz