Whoa! 300!

Hey, lovelies! I wasn't really sure what to post for today, to be perfectly honest. Really, the only reason I logged onto Wordpress was because I was sick of slogging through math homework. And I'll admit, I dawdled a little longer than I usually do on reading all the beautiful blogs that I subscribe to, hoping that their posts might spark some inspiration in my own tired brain. :P

But then! Lo and behold - as I clicked on the link to my own website, I saw something pretty darn awesome (something that I generally don't really keep an eye on, which is probably why I was so ignorant to it in the first place) - the blog just hit 300 followers! :D

So here I am, doing another one of those boring (and somewhat cheesy) Thank You posts that I know you guys probably don't really like. Nonetheless, I have to say thank you - because every single time someone clicks that little "Like" button or takes a few moments to type out a comment or even decides to follow the blog and get a comprehensive update of what exactly is going on in my life every weekday... well, that makes me so incredibly happy, you guys seriously have no idea. :D So yes, thank you so, so much for that - whether you like and comment on every single post or whether you're a more silent reader, whether you've been supporting me from the start or whether you're lucky number 300, I think you're all just the sweetest people in the entire universe.

So once again: from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you! Here, have a virtual slice of cheesecake. Taste good? You deserve it. ;)

love, Topaz