Winter Kitten

Happy Friday, everybody! This week was just not my week for posting - so sorry I couldn't yesterday either, guys. My parents had a dinner party and I was forced to socialize instead of blogging... plus I had a huge Chinese exam that I was up late studying for. -_- I'm just glad this week is over so I can sleep in.

Thought I'd show you a poem I wrote awhile back. It was based off of one of my favorite poems - The Fog, by Carl Sandburg. (If you haven't read it, I'd strongly advise you to look it up - it's truly beautiful.) My poem is entitled Winter Kitten, and although it's quite simple I'm very, very proud of it.

This is completely random, but I recently discovered the BBC show Sherlock - do any of you watch it? I'm completely hooked, and I've only watched two episodes so far. ;)

So enjoy the poem, and look out for Frozen Hearts updates tomorrow!

love, Topaz

Winter Kitten

Winter comes on tiny kitten paws. It scratches you with the claws of wind As you make footprints in its spotless hide And then slowly melts into the cat of spring.