Writing on the Go

Hey all! Uh, so apparently I can't even keep up a proper posting schedule when I have (relative) routine in my life. Whoops. :P Sorry for not posting on Wednesday, lovelies... life kind of got in way, as it sometimes will do, and I unfortunately did not get the chance to write a post before the midnight hour struck!

And speaking of writing - alas, I'm seeing a drastic decrease in working on FH and other various projects, with any available time to sneak into the computer room slipping away from my fingers. :/ Seems camp life is getting busier and busier, and while that is not, of course, necessarily a bad thing, it does mean I'm being forced to come up with new solutions to retain the little writing time I have remaining. That means... it's time for a little improvisation (hey, I'm an actress! I can improv as well as the next girl, thank you very much! ;)).

So I downloaded Google Drive on my phone and Galaxy - which, by the way, is a HUGE deal, because I absolutely despise Google Drive - and since there's Wifi basically everywhere on campus, I converted my five main WIPs, not including FH, into Google Docs, so I could work on them in the minutes between activities. And of course, I always carry around my notebooks, but although usually they're just for jotting down ideas, I'm now writing whole passages and chapters in them. (On a different note, that's quite a refreshing technique - haven't done it in forever! I really should continue it once I get home...)

But unfortunately, the biggest problem still remains: I have no way of editing FH on the go. I tried Google Drive - file's way too big, so I have to scroll forever and it's just incredibly inconvenient. And the notebooks don't really work for editing, either. :( If anyone has ideas for this, please please let me know! Any solutions would help!

To my wonderful American readers: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! :D I had totally forgotten how patriotic everybody is around here... it was a nice (?) surprise to be woken up at 6 in the morning by my roommate's boyfriend parading in with a gigantic American flag and singing America the Beautiful at the top of his lungs. ;) But I do hope you all had a lovely day today. Happy birthday, USA!

love, Topaz