Writing Playlist... Suggestions?

Hey guys! First random thought of the day: IT'S TOLKEIN READING DAY!! I personally may or may not be mildly (to put it lightly...) obsessed with Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and pretty much everything and anything Tolkein. So yes, I did re-read my battered copy of LOTR today (all three books!) in order to honour J.R.R. Tolkein's awesomeness. Fun fact: the date March 25th was chosen because today, in the year 3019 in Lord of the Rings, was the fall of Sauron.


So yes, now that my fangirling spree is over... I've had a chance to write and edit a lot lately (spring break FTW! :D), and as some of you may know, I tend to listen to music while I do so. That's partially because my home tends to be a bit of a madhouse with a 9-year old and a puppy running around it all day, so I need something to tune the world out, and partially because... I like music! ;)

Currently, the only artist I write to is Yiruma, who is a FREAKING AMAZING pianist - his music is absolutely lovely, and I've learned quite a few of his songs on the piano! (You can check out his Youtube channel here.) But the thing is, I feel like it's getting a little... tired. I've been writing to his albums for about two year snow, and I think I'm in the mood for a change!

So that's where you guys come in. I would absolutely love your help in compiling a brand-spanking-new writing playlist to help me power through the final edits for Frozen Hearts, keep working on Paper Wings, and just generally do awesome in any other writing endeavours I attempt. I know quite a few of my lovely readers write to music, so let me know in the comments or send a tweet my way, with any songs that you think I should try! Rock, pop, country, alternative, with or without lyrics - I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks so much for your help, everybody!

love, Topaz