Writing Process Blog Hop

Hi all! Whoa! It's March already! February sort of flew by for me - today in Geometry class I wrote 'February 31st' on my test paper before I realised what I was doing... :P But apart from that, the Writing Process Blog Hop is today. :D As I mentioned in my post last Monday, I was invited to the blog hop by my friend Karen, so I'll be answering some questions about my writing today. I'm also supposed to invite a couple of people to join in, but unfortunately my chosen participants haven't responded to my emails yet so that will probably have to wait a couple days! ;)

The questions are as follows.

What am I working on?

Oh my goodness, I'm working on so many things at the moment. Of course, first and foremost I'm editing Frozen Hearts and implementing comments from beta readers. I'm also writing Paper Wings and posting a chapter on Wattpad (almost) every week. The fanfic Shadows in the Night is a side project; I'm posting chapters roughly every other week, or when I get writer's block and can't think of working on anything more rigorous! ;) Then, there are two other novels I've started, both of which I'm toying with continuing - they're set in the same world as FH and one of them includes Rose and Chase, but the other has new characters. I blog daily right here and I'm getting started with blogging over at YA Asylum. And of course, I'm always writing poetry and songs and sharing them with y'all! :)

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, this is an interesting question, mostly because how exactly can my work not differ from others in its genre? That's the amazing thing about writing - every person has different views and perspectives on life, and therefore our writing styles are all beautifully unique. :) I suppose for my particular style, I tend to focus a lot on metaphors and characters' inner thinking. I really like to know my characters inside and out. Plus - and this is completely random - I've noticed that in my writing, there seems to be a common theme of either a) music, or b) literature. For example, in Paper Wings, Tobias is a musician; in FH, Rosalyn is a reader and there are quite a few references to fairytales throughout.

Why do I write what I do?

I write for me. That's first and foremost. While I do love sharing my work with my friends, my family, and of course my lovely blog readers, I believe that there's really no point in writing if I do it for other people. If I ever stop enjoying the writing process, that's pretty much a sign that something's going wrong and I need to step back and re-evaluate my priorities. I write because I love to do it - but also, because I love to surprise my readers and make them think in ways they hadn't before. :)

How does my writing process work?

It varies for different projects, definitely - for one of my untitled WIPs, I actually wrote the blurb before I started the actual story; for FH, I opened my computer and wrote the prologue and first three chapters all in one go; for Paper Wings I sat down and plotted it out before I began writing. But it all starts in my notebook. As you guys know, I have two notebooks, one of them being a songbook. The one I use for writing is my go-to whenever I get an idea; everything always begins (and usually evolves) there! (Frozen Hearts was born when I wrote "girl's brother is kidnapped and Jack Frost helps her find him" in the notebook. Of course, "girl" turned into Rosalyn Lawrence, and "Jack Frost" eventually became a Wizard - Chase Anderson!)

So that's it from over here - I'll let you guys know when the next two participants to the blog hop reply, and the chain shall be continued. ;) Happy March, everyone!

love, Topaz