Writing Process Blog Hop - I'm Invited!

Hey guys! As I believe I mentioned on Friday, it's a long weekend for me, so it was nice to stay up way too late and be able to sleep in today ;) Also, something pretty fun happened over the weekend - I was invited to my very  first blog hop! I'd heard of blog hops before, but I've never actually participated in one, so it was awesome to be invited by my friend Karen to join in the fun. So I'll be posting about the Writing Process Blog Hop (of course, it's writing-themed!) next Monday - if you want to see Karen's post, click here to check it out.

Over the weekend I got some great feedback on one of my work-in-progress novels from Sky Writers, a critique group I'm in, edited Frozen Hearts, and wrote a new chapter of Paper Wings - that will be posted this week! :) In other news, the cover for FH is very close to being finished, and it's absolutely beautiful! I'm so excited to finalise and share it with you guys. Very exciting, yes? :D

Hope you all had a great weekend!

love, Topaz