Writing Process Blog Hop: Introducing Annie & Edwina

Hi guys! I snagged some time to work on Frozen Hearts today. Quite a few of the betas have made comments on the realism of the fictional world that FH is set in, so today I mostly focused on world-building - it was SO much fun. :D I bought a separate (unlined, of course!) notebook the other day purely for world-building, and it's already, like, a quarter of the way filled. :P

In other news, the two lovely people I invited to the Writing Process Blog Hop have delivered their bios! In considering who I wanted to invite, I thought I'd focus on younger writers - mostly because I believe they're often overlooked in the blogging world, and I wanted to change that a little bit. So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce two amazing and inspiring writers: Annie and Edwina!


First and foremost, I’m a writer. I’ve been writing since my four-year-old self dictated Cinderella-themed stories to my mother, who attempted to type them as fast as I spoke, and I would sometimes grab a piece of paper and scrawl a short story about the Berenstain Bears playing the cello (or chello, as I wrote it) or Mike Wazowski breaking his eyeball. I had a very active imagination as a child, and that quickly carried into my writing. In third grade, I wrote a poem for a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day writing contest about my grandfather, who is a minister. When I reread it a few months back, I was horrified, but he hangs it proudly in his office. I started writing songs when I was seven. I would sit down at the piano and tinker around with the notes and then make up absolutely ridiculous love songs that may or may not have been based off of my second grade love life – in my fuzzy monkey journal, I wrote about my marriage plans to a boy called Sam N. I now longer know and compiled long lists of other boys in my class I would be willing to marry. But this Sam N., we were fantastic playground gymnasts, and oh, there was no way we wouldn’t get married. I think one thing that highly characterizes my writing is my faith. I’ve written a few Christian songs and many songs with Christian references; the biggest one off the top of my head is Made For Me. I also feel that many of my songs are kinda depressing at first but, like, huge emotional motivators. (It doesn’t make sense in my head either.) One of my favorites is Lies, which has one of my all-time lyrics: “And she’ll never stop caring what other people think, but she’s not drowning, she’ll never sink.” I’m currently working on a novel entitled 2027. It’s kind of…interesting. A work in progress. (:


Edwina is a 13 year old who is an aspiring writer and dreams to become a best-selling author. She is a writer, reader, blogger, day-dreamer, word-lover, story-surfer and bookworm. Edwina is currently working on her first novel, The Story of Magic and enjoys writing fantasy, her favourite genre to write in. She has had her writing: Sunset at the Beach published in a New Zealand children’s magazine. When she is not writing she is reading fantasy novels, craving chocolate, or either obsessing over stationery, sunsets at beaches or books. She currently resides in the Southern Hemisphere in New Zealand.

Edwina has already posted about her writing process, so please do check it out right here, and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for either a song snippet or more Paper Wings! :)

love, Topaz