Y is for YA

Hey guys! So this is kind of awkward because I don't actually know much of the age demographic of my blog followers, haha ;) I mean, I know a couple of your ages, but not really enough to get an overall sense... :P But anyway, I've had a draft of this post scrawled in my notebook since the A to Z challenge began, and I do hope you enjoy it regardless of your age!

YA stands for Young Adult, and it's a book genre that I have completely and totally fallen head over heels for. As you guys know, I myself am 14 years old, so most YA protagonists are generally in my age range, but that's not really why I love the genre so much. I think that, unlike many of the more adult-focused books I've read, YA authors really know how to connect with their audience. I find young characters so much more relatable than older ones, and characters are such a huge part of books for me. In some of the adult books that I've read, the characters - teens, children, and even the MCs themselves - seem so flat, the story centred too much on plot and not enough on character for me to really fall in love with it. :P Of course, there are a few notable exceptions to this (I LOVED the characters in The Time Keeper), but this is just what I've observed as a whole. ;)

I think a lot of people might believe that YA books aren't very well-written, and I have to disagree with that - I've read some absolutely amazing books that, as a writer, I almost wish that I'd written myself! (Stargirl? Shatter Me? The Fault in our Stars?  I will pay anybody here to look me in the eye and tell me that the language in those books didn't bring tears to their eyes.) There are, of course, some books in every single genre that aren't well-written, but it makes me sad when people discriminate against YA and say that every one of the books are horrible, because it's just not true.

I don't actually know if this is just something that I'm going to love for another year or if I'll move onto adult-centred books later on, but regardless, I'm so incredibly happy and grateful for all the YA books that I've read and loved - some of them have truly been life-changing! Fellow YA fans, what are your favourite books? I'm always looking for new reads, so please do share them with me. :D

love, Topaz