"It was something monstrous, this want for you." (a poem for you)

Perhaps my mind is running itself in circles again, but it feels as if summer is coming to an end too soon, & that terrifies me a little. I feel there so many things I did not do over the past two months that I should have done, & I've spent much of today worrying about that. Which is rather exhausting & not at all productive - but how difficult it is to turn off a brain that insists on constantly racing & chasing & twisting in on itself. Here, then, is a poem to reflect the jaggedness of today. Something sharp & yearning but soft still. Blooming & quiet despite all of its edges.

Enjoy, loves. xx


Of Broken Glass & Fallen Lovers


it was something
m o n s t r o u s,
this want for you. something
lethal, like: i shouldn’t want this.
like: i do anyway. like:
shattered kisses, bloody smiles—
all this and the fireworks too,
who’d have thought it, darling? 


the dream was something
d e a d l y.
torn clothes, split lips,
a car crash 16 years too young.
like: war stories never end well.
like: let’s tell one anyway. like:
teach the bruises how to bloom again,
won’t you, darling? 


but it happened like something
f a t a l
in the worst way. laughter
dancing in the dark. your touch
softer than sunrise and just as sweet.
like: surrender shouldn’t be this kind.
like: i think i like it anyway.
like: gentle lips, quiet hands—
what a strange salvation, don’t you think,
d a r l i n g ?