Friday Poetry: "Thoughts on Forever"

Hi everyone! FH's word count still isn't working and it's annoying the heck out of me. :P Oh well - I did work on it more today, so that's all good. In other news, my Sherlock Holmes boxed set finally shipped and it's so lovely and the books are hardcover and the box has Arthur Conan Doyle quotes on it and I'M SO EXCITED. So as you can tell, I know exactly what I'm going to be doing over winter break... ;)

This week's Friday Poetry is entitled Thoughts on Forever. I wrote it today, and while it was originally just what the title implied - some of my ramblings on the concept of forever - I eventually decided to scrap that and go with my usual fictional theme. ;) However, aside from that, this is quite different from other pieces I've written - I do tend to mention "forever" quite a bit in my poetry, but not really what the word amounts to. So I hope you enjoy the poem! And remember to leave your comments below to let me know what you think. xx

love, Topaz

Thoughts on Forever

if you ask me, forever seems like an awfully long time.

forever consists of so many countless ups and downs and ins and outs and waterfalls of tears streaming down pale paper faces and booming laughter bubbling out of shaking shivering bellies and inky twilight blacks and bright sunshiny yellows and misty breaths materialising in sharp winter air and tiny crocuses waking up to new born springs and all those little things that add up to such big beautiful things 

forever seems like just about the longest time there is, I think – and yet somehow, even though all I know is a hasty smudged green ink name scrawled on the soft fragile skin of my hand even though all I know is an electrified first glance and a soft sweet caressing conversation even though all I know is that I can still feel your fiery eyes burning into mine, still hear your quiet voice ringing through the rest, still taste your unvoiced fears and dreams and promises on my tongue –

even though I do not know anything at all about you or me or us well, somehow I think all the ups and downs and ins and outs and tears and laughter and nights and days and springs and winters and everything that makes up forever – well, I think all of that does not seem like it would be so long if it were to be spent with you.

An Incredibly Unproductive (Read: Amazing) Day

Ello everybody! So my exams are finally over, and I had no homework at all... after tomorrow, three whole weeks of bliss - that is winter break. :D And guess what I did today after I came home from school? That's right - went on Tumblr, read a bunch of fanfics, ate ice cream, doodled, watched Sherlock, re-read my entire stack of Reader's Digest magazines, went on Youtube and watched videos of singing (?) cats, tried to guess what was in the packages under the Christmas tree, and, you know, just generally wasted time.

And my god, it felt amazing.

I think I've really been needing a day to sort of relax and recharge my batteries. I've pretty much been scrambling to get everything done for the past couple weeks, so it was lovely to kick my feet up and while the hours away. Never fear - I did take an hour to edit a chapter of Frozen Hearts, so I don't have the weight of that guilt on my back! And for the first time in, well, forever, I'm actually going to bed at a decent hour. Applause, please! ;)

Unfortunately FH's word count still isn't working so I can't update you all on that, but I hope you're having a great day. If not, hang in there - Friday is coming to rescue you! :D

love, Topaz

Song Snippet: "Freefall"

Hi guys! I'm really sorry for not blogging yesterday - I was kind of cramming for finals and I kept telling myself I was going to write a post but then... I didn't. :P However, most of my big exams are over so I'm hoping that won't happen again!

This week's song snippet is the second verse/chorus/bridge of basically the first song I ever looked at and went 'wow, I'm proud to have written that song'. For the longest time I basically went around shoving it in people's faces going LOOK AT THIS AMAZING SONG I WROTE ISN'T IT AMAZING

So do let me know what you think of it! :) FH updates will be covered tomorrow... my word count isn't working again but hopefully that'll be automatically fixed like it was last time! ;)

love, Topaz


Verse 2

My heart was heavy with all those broken promises Never imagined a love that could be limitless And forever, but you showed that to me And now I realize you’re all it takes for me to believe 


And I was too scared to fall in love without a parachute But somehow, darling, I know with you I could dance in a storm I could run fast and free And I could freefall And darling, you would catch me


What a strange sensation - never felt this way before All my life my heart’s been fighting out this everlasting war But you bring peace to me, I’ll love you through it all And I know, I know you’d never let me fall