Clear Skies

today the rain came, and with it: clear skies at last. i think it is the most beautiful kind of irony that the moment when i believe it all might be slipping away, something comes and proves me wrong again. goodbye for now, haze.

the city scattered for cover when the sky sang, but i went outside and walked until my bones were weighed down with rainwater and my heart was lighter than it has been in a very long time. i think a good storm has a way of washing out all of the anxiety and the sadness. it is difficult not to fall in love with it, this deep and reckless cleansing. along the way, i discarded all of the jagged, hazy thoughts and filled my pockets with grumbling thunder instead.

here is a shot from my bedroom window of the newborn sun in the minutes after the rainclouds passed by. the sky is blue. and things are still far from okay, but it is so much easier to breathe when the air smells of leftover lightning and jars of grumbling thunder, all lined up on my windowsill like a certain soft arrangement of hope.