Friday Poetry: "Coffee & Sadness"

Hello my darlings! I think today's Friday Poetry is slightly self-explanatory—it revolves around coffee and sadness. I rather like how it turned out, and I do hope you enjoy it as well. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments—and in the mean time, have a gorgeous, safe weekend!

Coffee & Sadness

remember the first date
when you spilled your entire cup of coffee
on my shirt
because you were too busy
looking over at me
to recall how to drive straight
and I had to lean over and take the wheel?

remember how you gasped out loud
and dabbed at it with one hand
and how I laughed and laughed and
profoundly did not care
that this was my favourite shirt
and somehow it was okay
because you were the one who ruined it?

remember how you blushed
right up to the tips of your ears
and how you promised to buy me
a new shirt and I said
no no no don’t bother
it will wash off
even though we both knew it wouldn’t?

and remember how it never did?

here’s something I’ve learned:
sadness is like that coffee stain on my shirt
because I never truly figured out how
to wash it out of my soul
and I’ve searched far and wide
for a new shirt to replace the old one—

and I never did find one,
just like I never found a replacement
for you.