Friday Poetry: "Coming Home"

Hello loves! It’s been a stressful week, so I look forward to spending the entirety of tomorrow at a used book sale at my school. In the mean time: today’s Friday Poetry contains an opening line that had been sitting in my notebook for ages. I thought I might finally use it and see where it went. I quite enjoy how it turned out in the end... what do you think?

Coming Home

you have always made my name
sound like poetry.

on your tongue,
the letters seem to melt together
and where the sunlight hits the water
in lilting fragmented syllables
you effortlessly spell out
the beauty I never knew I possessed
before you walked in
and opened my eyes to where it was hiding
all along

the tiny curl of your smile
after the last sound falls from your lips
ties me together in
a soft and gentle embrace—
and though I may never know
just exactly how you do it
more than anything else, darling,
you have always made my name
sound like coming home.