Friday Poetry: "Dark I"

I suppose if you wanted to get technical on me, you could point out that it's not actually a “Friday” and this post should probably be called “Saturday Poetry”, but I know you are kind and compassionate people who appreciate the fact that yesterday I was out late and therefore had no time to either find an already-written poem, write one on the spot, or post it, before I collapsed into bed. :)

But I digress!

Today's poem is entitled "Dark". I actually quite like the idea of this, so for next week's Friday Poetry (which will hopefully fall on a Friday this time!) I might do a poem called "Light" as a companion. Let me know what you think, and I hope you're having a beautiful weekend. xx

Dark I

the shadows crawl ever so slowly
slink up dark alleys ever so silently
in this town
dusk lingers in forgotten corners
grey twilight pounces on unwitting sun
midnight creeps up uninvited
in this town
and the black black night stays long
as the light cowers, hidden
unseen in the web of flawless lies
the darkness