Friday Poetry: "Dark II"

Hello loves! I wrote the third instalment in the mini-Friday Poetry series "Dark and Light" yesterday. We've explored the not-so-good sides of dark and light, so now we're moving onto the better sides of each! I personally find happiness much harder to write about and for than sadness, so this poem was quite a lovely challenge to myself (and I'm already considering ideas for “Light II”!). 

What do you think, in comparison to ”Dark I” and ”Light I”? Is this piece too similar, or drastically different? The goal of this series was for me to be slightly more creative in my metaphors of light and dark, because as we all know I use them rather a lot in both songs and poetry. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, as always!

Dark II

such an odd thing it is,
I have always believed
that in the light we are withdrawn
walls carefully built around our hearts
masks carefully tied around our souls
armour worn to every battle
and in the light, every word
every exchange, every sentence spoken
is a battle
such an odd thing it is,
I have always believed
that the dark may break down our walls
untie our masks
and easily, oh so painfully easily
uncloak us of the armour
we have always held so near
such an odd thing—
but not so odd, I have come to learn
because perhaps we all crave
the blindness and the awareness
the protection and the vulnerability
the intimacy and the solitude