a few things that are good (part i)

(Because this is a reminder I need today, & I think perhaps some of you might be in need of it as well.)

i. Rain. Especially right now, in the midst of summer time, when the air crackles with static & heat lightning. Rain like tears, rain like cleansing, rain like the world finally letting out a long-held breath.

ii. Stealing the last chocolate chip cookie. Especially if it is almost midnight & one's illicit ventures are illuminated only by the disapproving gaze of the refrigerator light. (To which I say: why on earth would refrigerators have lights if we were not meant to have midnight snacks?)

iii. Analog clocks. Did I tell you I went to a thrift store the other weekend & picked up the most beautiful one? I find something utterly comforting in the perpetual tick-tick-tick; it staves off silence, at least, which I can't bear.

iv. Hachii. There is something lovely in knowing that even if everyone in our lives turns on us, our pets will be unfailingly ecstatic when we walk through the door.

v. A very large stack of library books: the meticulous choosing of them, the way they teeter in their carefully-balanced stack, the weight of them in one's arms as one carries them back home. And the reading, through late nights & lazy summer days. Of course the reading.

vi. Cities & exploring them. Perhaps this is a remnant of the New Yorker in me, but I think I will always love weaving through traffic lights, meandering down asphalt boulevards, bumping into all manner of strange & wonderful people, losing myself in order to find myself.

vii. Stars. Especially in cities: the lone ones struggling through the smog, the ones that refuse to be outshone by winking skyscraper lights. Stubborn starlight is the most beautiful of all.

viii. Love letters. Sending & receiving them both, & I think this post might be a logical extension to the magic in that. Perhaps this is a love letter to you, even if we haven't spoken before, or even if you were not expecting it. You are a good thing. I'm glad you're here. Thank you for staying. I think the world is a more luminescent place for that.